Friday, February 6, 2015

Universe Part 1

Our known universe which is made of different types of elements some is hydrogen,helium etc and etc but our unknown universe which is not observed by any scientist and telescope  may have such type of  elements which we considered as a part of our such types of thinks like black magic or like a magic world.This all depends on our body's king which is our mind! Mind is such type of thing which is not even properly studied yet,it is such a difficult task. Mind can make us to see that kind of things which is not in the survival terms. By then Universe is such type of place which has infinite types of probabilities until it is fully discovered. Scientist is what which has assume some kind of possibilities which is agreed by a number of audience in the world and the person whose assumptions is not followed by people and have some issues in the eye of a man is treated as a fool. It may be possible to find a thing which is even faster than light or Man can become god it all depends on our thinking. Life is full of adventure and a system of finding new things because man is a curios creature. 

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