Saturday, February 7, 2015

Universe Part 2

As we know are universe is very complex and need to be explore completely for the hungriness of man's curious mind. As much as our universe is complicated just as much is our mind.Our mind set us to afraid of dark instead of light.So the biggest question for the humanity is "Why We Exist?". Is it just a co-incident for the arrival of human beings or anything else. May Somewhere in universe immortals live. If yes then they also set some goal for the life which they had fulfill or still working on it. This all in the above line is also from the man's common thinking.If we know all about the life and universe then it is possible that we can decide all right and wrong for the living. To know all about of the universe we need to put the question in every concept and also need to think a level up from regular used too human mind.If explorers didn't think exclusive then they didn't become an example of  remarkable personalities. So Be Practical and believe on looking eyes.  

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